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No Bleach? How Do You Do It?

R.B. asks from San Francisco

A few expressed horror at bleach in the recent ceiling mold question. So my question is, how do you live without bleach? I need it for the laundry, on occasion, esp...


Clorox for Toys

M.B. asks from Oklahoma City

I remember reading a previous request about how best to clean toys. I couldn't find it again when I looked, and I don't remember the specifics. Are all Clorox disenfe...


Diluting Bleach???

E.H. asks from Dallas

I had a bleach spray for counters (green label for those who may get it too).....I am not sure how big the bottle is as I am at the apartment complex's office. anyway...


A Good Disinfectant for Granite

M.M. asks from Detroit

Does anyone know of a good Disinfectant cleaner you can use on Granite countertops? I am a germ freak (I have 2 kids) normally I use bleech on everything, however yo...


A Good Disinfectant for Toys

B.M. asks from Detroit

Hello All you wonderful moms!! I was wondering if anyone uses or knows of a disinfectant that is effective, but gentle to use on toys. I have tried the Lysol disinf...


Cleaning with Bleach

A.B. asks from Denver

I'm curious to know if there is an alternative to cleaning kids toys without using bleach. I have an at home child care business and I do not really feel bleach is th...


Homemade Natural Disinfectant

M.P. asks from Denver

In an effort to save some money, and keep toxins out of our home, I have been searching for a natural disinfectant cleaner for our bathrooms and kitchen, that I could...


Bleach at Daycare

S.L. asks from Philadelphia

On Thursday my son came home from daycare with the sleeves of his shirt bleached. The next morning I asked the director about it and she said "Oh, the teachers wipe ...


Day Care and Bleach

S.W. asks from Dallas

I am looking at day cares. All of them wipe down the cribs with bleach! I am doing all organic, and I want to keep the baby away from harmful toxins. I know they have...


Need a Non-toxic Disinfectant to Clean Toys (& Books?)

J.W. asks from Portland

Hi Moms, What do you use as a non-toxic disinfectant to clean toys? I recently purchased some used toys and would like to clean them before my child plays with t...