Bladder & Kidney

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Bladder Infection

A.L. asks from Los Angeles

I spent 3 hours in Urgent care last night with xtreme pain while urinating. I also had blood in my urine. The doc said it could be a bladder or kidney infection. I ...


Bladder Infection

C.Z. asks from Omaha

So about two weeks ago I had a yeast infection (whoo hoo right!) got that kicked. Somehow though it stirred up a bladder infection. I am not sure if I had them at the...


Yeast Infection

V.L. asks from Oklahoma City

I am 25 years old and having my very first yeast infection... I don't have any insurance or anything. I have used the cream... It started last Thursday. It is very un...


Yeast Infection

S.M. asks from Los Angeles

Can anyone suggest a good cure for a recurrent yeast infection? I have tried Monistat etc which all seem to make it worse and would really like to sort it out. It w...


Urinary Tract Infection While Pregnant

M.I. asks from Albuquerque

Hi moms, So, I had a doctors appointment on Wednesday and had some protein in my urine so my OB said she was going to have it tested for a urinary tract infection (I ...


Bladder Infection?

E.D. asks from Los Angeles

Last night in the middle of the night I kept getting up B/C I felt like I needed to go pee. I would go and then towards the end I would get this super uncomfertable f...


Yeast Infection???

M.S. asks from Dallas

Kinda a personal question with TMI, so do not continue reading if this is not your cup of tea. ***that was the warning*** So, for the past few months, I seem to ha...


UTI / Bladder Infection?

H.F. asks from Tucson

Hi! I just got a UTI on Friday, and researched enough to find out it's common in pregnancy. Didn't have any problems with my first pregnancy, so this was a shock. I...