Bladder & Kidney: Toddler

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Urinary Tract Infection What Can I Do???

A.C. asks from Buffalo

Well guys it is fri night and the Dr's not in the office till mon and I think I have urinary tract infection. Anyone have any suggestions on ways to cure it or at lea...


Natural Car for Urinary Track Infection

J. asks from Provo

My son, 2yrs 3 mons has been telling me his "peepee" hurts. When I look at it all looks fine and normal. I have noticed that his diaper is wet/warm after he says it...


Could She Have a UTI?

J.P. asks from Chicago

My 3 1/2 year old daughter is suddenly peeing more frequently than usual. She woke me up at 4AM to go potty. This has NEVER happened. Throughout the day, she was g...


Not a UTI...

L.L. asks from Rochester

So, my six year old daughter has been peeing nonstop for about two months. Her UA came back negative for a UTI. Now they want to do a fasting blood test, which we'l...


Toddler's Urinary Infection?

A.S. asks from Eugene

With the doctors office not opening for a couple hours right now, I am looking for mom wisdom. My toddlers systems can be explained separately, together they concern...


Urinary Tract Infection Information

R.L. asks from Dallas

After a trip to the ER Sat night when my 6 week old daughter's temp rose above the 100.4 mark, we were admitted to the hospital to determine what was causing the temp...


Kidney Pain

L.B. asks from Los Angeles

I am planning on going to the Dr's today... but... I need to know if any of you have had the following symptoms. For two days in a row I have had excrutiating pain i...


Pregnant, Think I Have a Bladder infection....alternatives to Antibiotics?

K.L. asks from Great Falls

I had a bladder infection when I was pregnant with my son at around six months. I am about six months pregnant now and think I may have another bladder infection. T...


Help! Bladder Infection!

B.G. asks from Sacramento

It started yesterday morning, that horrible pain only known as a bladder infection (UTI). I don't have health insurance, but will be going to a clinic for antibiotic...


UTI And Antibiotics?

K.M. asks from Dallas

Hi Mamas, OK...I have read several postings regarding UTI's, however none seem to really address my question. I have had three uti's in the past 2.5 months(unbelie...