Bladder & Kidney: The First Years

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Urinary Reflux Disease in 18 Mo Old...

My 18 mo old daughter was just given medication for a urinary tract infection...we're lucky we caught it because she didn't have a fever or anything, but every once in a while (we only caught it twice) she'd grab her diaper and cry out. Well, I thought no big deal! She'll take an antibiotic and it'll go away. WELL, her pediatrician just called my home the other night and told me that most likely my daughter has Urinary Reflux Disease - where the body reflux's or flushes urine back up into the bladder and kidneys and left untreated can...

Bladder, Kidney & UTI

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My 9 Month Old Has a Kidney Infection

Hi Moms My daughter recently had a bladder infection that went untreated (I had no idea) and the infection went into her kidneys. She's been on antibiotics and is recovering well, but I'm curious if this has happened to any of you out there...feeling rotten that I didn't realize how crummy she was feeling as her symptoms were so similar to teething aches and pains.