Bladder & Kidney: Target

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Bladder or Yeast Infection?

I have had both un the past, at one time or another. If it's a yeast infection I know now that i can treat it with OTC medication so no office visit and co-pay. We have a new ins plan this year only offered to employees of Blue Cross and it has a $1,000 deductible per family member. Don't want to see a dr unless absolutely necessary now. So can anyone who's recently had either remind me how each feels.


Uti and Catheters

hello moms! my daughter had a uti a couple months ago and since then my...

Yeast Infection

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Yeast Infection or Something Worse??

Hi moms! My 11 month old just finished a course of antibiotics and she developed what I thought was a yeast infection. She has never had one before (she has never even had diaper rash) so I don't know what I am looking at really. It is a rash, red and very irritated looking with large red bumps on her "privates", the front only -- not on the bum. I got Lotrimin AF over the counter and that didn't work. So I called her dr. and told them she had a yeast infection and they called in a prescription cream and that hasn't worked either. My...