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Bad Habit-Pencil Biting

S.R. asks from Los Angeles

My 5 year old DESTROYS pencils. Not just bites the erasers off, but often chews up and bites off the metal end part too. She has also chewed up the front tips of pen...


Mouthing and Biting

J.M. asks from Dover

My daughter is 18 months and still puts EVERYTHING in her mouth. It is driving me crazy. I would think that she would be out of this stage. She is ruining all of ...


Biting Bugs in Sandbox...

K.C. asks from Detroit

Hi, My son played in our sandbox for the first time in quite a while over the weekend. Later that evening he had what appeared to be more than a dozen bug bites fr...


My 2 Year Old Is a Biter! What Do We Do to Stop This Behavior??

K.L. asks from Los Angeles

I have a 29 months old boy and he would not stop biting other kids, What do I do? He would start out biting on other kid's hands and now he would bite where ever he ...


Help! I Have a Biter.

A.M. asks from Philadelphia

My 2 year old has recently started biting his friends. I feel at a lost as to how to handle/discipline this. He has bitten in the past and it seemed to be teething ...


Seeking Moms with Toddlers That Bit and Have Night Terrors

L.F. asks from Rocky Mount

Moms I need help! My 2 yr old son is still biting. What can I do to stop him? My son is also waking up in the middle of the night with night terrors (I think). He...


My Kid's a Preschool Biter

K.B. asks from Dallas

My 2 year old is a biter- and she bites almost exclusively at preschool. The problem is she has an unusually high threshold of pain, so when she is bitten, she does...


Toddler/ Preschool Books About Hitting

V.K. asks from Minneapolis

I am looking for books that have anything to do with hitting, pinching or biting etc. and the consequences of doing those things. We are having a BIG problem with thi...


Potty Trained 2 Yr Old Suddenly Refusing to Use the Potty/biting Self

S.X. asks from Chicago

2 things. My daughter is just 2. She potty trained herself. She just decided and watched her older sibling and did it all on her own. She's even dry through her naps...


Toddler Who Bites

T.R. asks from New York

My son is in daycare and he's a fearless child (pushes kids bigger than him). I'm sure one day it will be a good thing that he's a leader and not afraid, but right n...