Biting: Toddler

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J.J. asks from Bismarck

Another biting question! My daughter(17 months) has recently started biting me. She usually does it when she's feeling playful and gigles when she does it. I've tr...



K.G. asks from San Francisco

My son is 20 months and he is biting and pushing at the park. He is also biting us when we tell him no to something he wants. He is a very sweet sociable child so t...



K.V. asks from Lafayette

my daughter is 1 yrs old and keeps on biting everyone how do i get her to stop i have told to bite her back and i have did that not hard but didn't work



P.W. asks from Washington DC

Patrick has been biting kids at daycare and even me. Ouch, his teeth are really sharp. He will not take a teething ring or other teething tool, but he will sometimes ...



J.H. asks from Washington DC

I watch a little guy, age 17 months, who loves to bite. I am positive he is teething because i see the swollen gums and he is right on schedule for teething. This i...



D.B. asks from Spokane

SO MY ALMOST TWO YEAR OLD IS BECOMING THE BITER AT DAYCARE. i've been called twice to come get my son because he has bit somebody severely. i'm not sure where to tak...



T.F. asks from Tucson

My 2 1/2 is a biter. He has been good for months so I thought the problem was solved. Today however I got a call from his daycare to come get him because he bit a c...


Biting Again!

J.G. asks from Chicago

My 4 year old just won't stop pinching or biting her 2 year old brother. I bought her a necklace and bracelet she could use to displace her frustrations, etc. but sh...


Toddler Biting

J.K. asks from Lexington

I have a wonderful 2 1/2 year old daughter. She can be so sweet & is the joy of my life. However, recently she has started biting me & her dad for no reason. She will...


Biting at Daycare

K.S. asks from Dallas

My 2 year old daughter starting biting at daycare. She has never had a biting problem before so I was very concerned as to what is bringing this on. The daycare said ...