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Seeking Moms with Toddlers That Bit and Have Night Terrors

L.F. asks from Rocky Mount

Moms I need help! My 2 yr old son is still biting. What can I do to stop him? My son is also waking up in the middle of the night with night terrors (I think). He...


My Son Just Got Suspended from School

✩.!. asks from Los Angeles

My 5 yr old kindergarten just got in trouble for the first time ever. :( He bit a kid and drew blood - so he deserved the suspension. It really suprised me tho that...


My Kid's a Preschool Biter

K.B. asks from Dallas

My 2 year old is a biter- and she bites almost exclusively at preschool. The problem is she has an unusually high threshold of pain, so when she is bitten, she does...


Help!! Monster Child!!

L.H. asks from Atlanta

My daughter just turned 2 on Sept 5. She has now become a beast. She is throwing fits all the time- screamig, hitting, biting. I have tried time out ans have resort...


Toddler Who Bites

T.R. asks from New York

My son is in daycare and he's a fearless child (pushes kids bigger than him). I'm sure one day it will be a good thing that he's a leader and not afraid, but right n...


Does a Child EVER Not like It's Mother?

L.H. asks from Tampa

Alright...i've had it with my daughter...and i need help! My daughter just turned 18 months. And I really feel the older she gets the more she hates me...the only bon...


Potty Trained 2 Yr Old Suddenly Refusing to Use the Potty/biting Self

S.X. asks from Chicago

2 things. My daughter is just 2. She potty trained herself. She just decided and watched her older sibling and did it all on her own. She's even dry through her naps...


Seeking Advice for Toddler!!!

M.E. asks from Chicago

My son is 21 months old and is a wild littleman!!! I am having a problem with him being a biter. I have tried alot of things like correcting him, scolding, biting bac...


Fingers in Mouth

B.W. asks from Tampa

My son has been off the Binky for 3 yrs. Never sucked his fingers. Lately he has been putting his fingers in his mouth. He is not sucking on them or biting, he just p...


1Y/o Poking Others Eyes!

L.H. asks from Chicago

My darling little boy for months now will poke you in the eyes. He sticks his fingers in your ears, nose, and mouth. He sticks his fingers in the dog's nose and mouth...