Bisphenol A (BPA): Munchkin

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BPA In Bottles?

S.S. asks from Kansas City

Have you all been hearing/reading about the research they're doing on BPA found in baby bottles and infant formula cans? Haven't we turned out fine and aren't your k...


BPA In Baby Bottles

A.M. asks from Spartanburg

I have been reading a lot lately about BPA in baby bottles. I am starting to get concerned that the bottles I have been giving my daughter for the past 8 months may ...


BPA In Sippy Cups?

E.B. asks from Duluth

I know all the concern over BPA in baby bottles, but what about sippy cups? My baby has Avent bottles, but since he's almost exclusively on the breast, I decided not ...


BPA Free Sippy Cup with "Rubber Tip" That Does Not Leak

T.S. asks from Detroit

Hi, I am looking for a good sippy cup that is BPA free that does not have a plastic, but rubber top. I would like one that does not leak. (Used the Gerber before, ...


Best BPA Free Sippy Cup for My 16 Mo Old

K.S. asks from New York

Hi. My little one will beginning her new school in in the Young toddler room at the end of August and i wanted to get her some new sippy cups with soft spouts. She wi...


Is There a Sippy Cup Out There That Doesn't Leak!!!????

D.B. asks from San Diego

OK, honestly, is there a good sippy cup out there that doesn't leak on a regular basis!!!??? I have spent a fortune on every sippy cup out there, and all of them eit...


Best Bottles

J. asks from New York

I used the Johnson & Johnson bottles (munchkin) with my first two. It was the tilted kind. What is a good bottle to use now? I'm guessing this child will be gassy ...


Have You Found a Leak-free Sippy Cup?

Z.L. asks from Denver

Please tell me if you have discovered a great brand of sippy cups. I really need some that don't leak... and haven't found any yet. When my daughter was a toddler T...


How Cah I Protect My Children from Toxic Chemicals?

K.C. asks from Albany

I just read this report called "Toxic Tubs' that talks about how there are cancer-causing chemicals contaminating common childcare products like lotion, baby shampoo ...


Best Way to Transport Milk When Weaning Toddler off of Bottle

R.A. asks from Seattle

Hi all, We have just weaned our toddler off of his bottle and on to cow's milk in a sippy cup. When we go on outings we still fill a bottle with milk and take a sipp...