Birthing Classes

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Birthing Plan

R.G. asks from Tulsa

I keep hearing to make a birthing plan, but this is my first pregnancy, so I do not know what to expect or even how to begin making a birthing plan. If any of you hav...


Hypno Birthing

C.C. asks from Dallas

I'm wondering if any of you moms have used or know about a process called "Hypno Birthing" ....


Birthing Methods

L.K. asks from Detroit

There are so many birthing methods (i.e. Bradley, hypno, lamasse, etc) out there, but little "real-life" explanations of how successful using these methods are. What...


Birthing Styles

M.S. asks from Kansas City

I am 15 weeks pregnant. My friend asked me the other day what birthing plan I was going to use. I have no idea. She suggested bradly. What do you all think? I i goi...


Birthing Advice

A.S. asks from Evansville

My husband and I were not able to attend prepared childbirth classes and now I am really getting nervous. I am due in three weeks. Most people told me we didn't nee...


Seeking Doulas Who Do Birthing Classes

B.K. asks from St. Louis

I am looking for doulas our other health providers that provide birthing classes on a private basis (ie not associated with a hospital program). Any help would be gre...


Any Suggestions on Birthing Classes for Waterbirthing at Home?

D.L. asks from Chicago

Hello lovely ladies, This is my first pregnancy and I'm 6 months. I am amazed at how much I've loved this experience and how wonderful it's been so far. After ye...


Necessary Birthing Classes and Isis Maternity

L.S. asks from Boston

Hi, I am 4 months pregnant and starting to think about the birthing classes. I know about Isis and my Dr's office actually gave a hand out on their classes. They ha...


Birthing Classes in NMB??

R.Y. asks from Miami

Can anyone recommend lamaze/birthing classes in the North Miami Beach, Hollywood, Hallandale area?


Birthing Classes in Portland Area

S.V. asks from Portland

I am expecting twins in the first week of April. I would like to know if you have any recommendations on child birth classes and where i could take them based on your...