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Did You Take Birthing Classes?

K.S. asks from Charlotte

My husband and I are debating taking birthing classes. I have read a lot about the labor, delivery, and birth. I would love to hear from anyone that had a vaginal bi...


Hypno Birthing

C.C. asks from Dallas

I'm wondering if any of you moms have used or know about a process called "Hypno Birthing" ....


Birthing Advice

A.S. asks from Evansville

My husband and I were not able to attend prepared childbirth classes and now I am really getting nervous. I am due in three weeks. Most people told me we didn't nee...


Seeking Good Birthing Classes in SA (Even Better If They're in the NE, 78261)

A.B. asks from San Antonio

Hi Moms, I'm 22 weeks into my pregnancy for our #2 babe. I was in Japan with #1, so I didn't have a lot of options for birthing classes. For medical reasons I hav...


HypnoBirthing Classes

J.Z. asks from Houston

I am a first time mom and need info on HypnoBIrthing. I think the classes are new to the area but where we used to live I swear every pregnant woman used to take Hypn...


Did Your Mother Share Her Birth Story with You, Did It Influence Your Birthing?

M.M. asks from Miami

Curious as to what perceptions you had about birthing, childbirth, pregnancy and how you feel it affected your pregnancy, birthing, and postpartum, breasfeeding or n...


Natural Birthing Experience at Baylor Hospital-Dallas

V.S. asks from Dallas

My husband and I are trying to decide on delivery at Baylor Hospital with my doctor there or at the Birth and Women's Center birthing center about four blocks away. ...


Natural Childbirth/drug Free - Do the Childbirth Classes Help?

Y.D. asks from Chicago

Hello mamas, I'm a mom of 2 kids, pregnant with my third. I attempted to have a drug free labor with both my kids, but ended up getting the epidural both times. I wo...


Natural Birth After Having Epidurals Previously? Can I Do It?

C.D. asks from Austin

My first three kids were all born in a hospital, each time I had the epidural. This time I'm considering a birthing center. Mostly because it's a third of the cost ...


Doula in Waco Area...

E.D. asks from Waco

This was a little longer than expected* I had planned on atending birthing classes with my husband, and he too planned on being by my side and supporting me throug...