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Need Idea for Gift for 4 YO Son for B-day

Does anyone have any ideas on gifts for a 4 YO for a birthday present. Our son turns 4 this week and we are having his party this Saturday. All he has asked for is a 4 wheeler...but since we have a battery powered convertible mustang in the garage we really don't want to get another battery powered toy that will take up more space. We have lookeed at the mini-bikes with training wheels and my hubby keeps insisting that they are still too big for a 4 year old of average height. Does any one have any other suggestions? By the way...we...


3Rd Birthday Gift

My daughters birthday is coming up in August! I have no idea what to get her...

Gift Ideas

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Present from the Baby

I have read, and think its a neat idea, to have a gift "from the new baby" for the first child. We have my son registered for a big brother class at the hospital, where part of the evening will be wrapping a present for the new baby. I am trying to come up with an idea of a present from the baby to my son. He will be almost 3.5 at the time the baby is born. He is really into the Disney Cars movie right now, but I really want to do something more timeless, that he can have even after the Cars craze or Fire Truck craze, or whatever else...