Birthdays: Teddy Bears

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Theme for 1St B-day!!!!

I need some advice, my youngest boy is about to turn 1 on the 14th. I am at a compelete loss of ideas for his party theme. With my oldest he was really into Pooh when he turned one, but this one is not into anything. I always make a BIG deal with B days and I spend a week on the cake. PLease give me some ideas, thanks.

Birthday Party Preparation

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Hello in 4 mos my daughter will turn 1 and im so excited because i would really like to throw her a b~day party, but im a first time mommy so i dont know where to start im thinking of a princess themes but ive seen alot of b-day parties for girls with the same theme, so im thinking about the little mermaid or maybe belle from beauty and the beast. Im just so confused. The reason im planning ahead is because i want friends and family members to save the date. Im also in the thoughts of renting a jumper for the bigger kids, do you think its...


1St Birthday Jitters

I am looking for some great party ideas for my son's first b-day. I was...

Gift Ideas

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What Was Your "Push" Present?

I know it's not standard with everyone but it seems to be becoming more popular for the father of the baby to present a "push" present to the mother of the baby for all the hard work she did throughout her pregnancy and labor. I think it's a great idea :) Anyway, my sister is due in 4 weeks and her husband is looking for ideas for a great push present. This will likely be her last of three kids so something sentimental would be great. Any suggestions? Thanks