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1St Birthday Party B-day Cake Without Dairy or Wheat

M.P. asks from Yuba City

Hello moms, my baby has his first birthday on June 25th and we want him to be able to celebrate with a b-day cake (mainly for pictures, not because most of it makes i...


3Rd B-day Cake Ideas

J.M. asks from Nashville

Hi Ladies! This is a 2-part question. First, my son will be turning 3 at the end of this month and I'm at a loss as to what themed cake to make him. (I made a basebal...


Need Ideas for B-day Party Activites

A.P. asks from Kansas City

Can you help me, Moms? I've been put in charge of activities for my niece's 7th birthday party. It will be outside in early April at a community center park and act...


B-day Party Ideas for 2 Yo Needed

S.S. asks from Dallas

My son is turning 2 and his party is the first week of Oct. All my friends have these ridiculously elaborate parties for their kids, and I'm feeling some pressure her...


6 Yr Old B-day - Train Theme?

J.S. asks from Minneapolis

My son is turning 6, and is in Kindergarten. He's still obsessed with trains. He does like Thomas, but is really interested in steam trains, electric model trains, ...


B-day Party ~ Daughter Wants Only Her Friends, Not Their Siblings ~ How to Word?

N.M. asks from Los Angeles

My daughter's birthday party is coming up and we're lucky to have a friend's backyard & pool to use this year. Very nice. Here's my problem ~ I feel like if you're ha...


My Baby's 1St B-day Is Comming but Don't Know Kids to Invite.

P.V. asks from Los Angeles

Hi, My baby's birthday is coming soon and I would like to have an unforgettable party for him but we don't know any kids or other babies to come to the party. I am t...



S.C. asks from Dallas

My son will be turning 4 in Spetember and i am already trying to start thinking of places to hold his party. I do not want something that is really expensive. I am ...


1St Birthday

L. asks from St. Louis

I would really like to do something special for my son's 1st birthday but I am not very creative. Any ideas??


4Th Birthday

T.D. asks from Providence

Hey ladies... I was wondering if you all could help me out with some birthday party themes for a 4 year old. Her birthday is dec. 7th so I need ideas soon, so I can s...