Birthday: Luv

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Etiquette for 1St Birthday Party

What is customary for a childs birthday party? Goodie bags? Opening gifts at the party or later? A start and end time on the party? My son is turning one and we sent out invitations for a cook out with family and some friends. There will be a handful of children coming too. Any suggestions are appreciated.


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Should I Buy a Baby Shower Gift?

Hi! My husband's cousin just had a baby, and a baby shower is planned. My son was born seven months ago. Originally, family members were talking about having a shower a month or two before the birth, but I turned it down because my mother was dying of cancer. She died a month and a half before my little guy was born. In any case, my husband's cousin, (who will be having a shower to which everyone will be invited) though she was pregnant at the time of my son's birth, didn't bother to buy a gift for our little one or even send a card....