Birthday Party Preparation: First Response

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Looking for Some Birthday Ideas, Help Please!

I live in the Arlington, TX area but am needing some ideas on where to have my childrens birthday party. My daughter will be turning 5 and my son 3. Because their birthdays are SO close together, we are celebrating their Birthdays together at the same time. My son is not a fan of bounce houses. The past 4 years we have been having parties at home but it is just so stressful so we are looking to have a day out where the kids can have a fantastic birthday party. Any ideas, locations, venues, would be very helpful.


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Gift Giving Advice

My daughter is invited to a birthday party that she is UNABLE to attend. I feel it is appropriate to still give a gift...especially since this child came to my daughter's birthday party. Is this how you feel? I would appreciate your opinions. Thanks so much.