Birthday Party Preparation: Elmo

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1St Year B-day Party

Can anyone give me some ideas or suggestion on what i could do for my daughters first b-day party? Like a b-day theme or something i can do for her so that she would enjoy her b-day.. Can't wait to here from other moms!! Thanks


Daughters 2Nd B-day

Hi Moms, I'm starting to think about where & what to do for my daughters...


3Rd B-day Cake Ideas

Hi Ladies! This is a 2-part question. First, my son will be turning 3 at the...


B-day Gift Idea

My daughter will be two in a couple of weeks. I also have a four year old...

Cake, Punch, Cookies

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Recipe Ideas for My Son's First Birthday

My son is turning one in less than a month and I'm having trouble finding cute and easy appetizer and drink ideas for his party. I don't have a lot of money, but do have a lot of people invited (approx 50). Many of the adults coming will be bringing their kids. I would like to serve fun and interesting foods for all ages. My only preference is that the recipe be served cold, so I can make it the day before and just serve it when everyone gets to my house. I'm pregnant with baby #2 and don't want to waste what little energy I have being on...


3Rd B-day Cake Ideas

Hi Ladies! This is a 2-part question. First, my son will be turning 3 at the...


1St Birthday Cake?

Hi-My daughter is turning 1 this weekend and I want to make her birthday...

Favors & Goody Bags

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Goody Bags or Not??

I'm planning on having a party for my daughter who will be turning 3 at Pump It Up and need some advice about goody bags. Is it really necessary to give goody bags away to guests?? Honestly, I don't see a point to those goody bags, but was wanting some input from other moms. The kids will get to bounce for 80 minutes and then they go into the party room for cake and juice....I'm having the party at 3:00 so really don't need to provide other kinds of food since I don't want to ruin their appetite for dinner. Can kids and parents just go...


Elmo Birthday Party

I am considering having an Elmo birthday party when my daughter turns 2. I...


Goodie Bag or Not ?

My daughter will celebrate her birthday at Build a Bear workshop with few of...

Games & Activities

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Help with Clingy Baby

Hi, I need some advice on what to do with my clingy baby. I have an 8 month old that just loves mommy. I am a stay at home mom with 2 other children ages 10 and 5 so my days are pretty full. I take him to the park alot to get him used to other kids and people. I take him to the grandparents house once a week to get used to them and he is fine as long as I am right there. As soon as I leave or go run a few errands by mother in law says he starts to fuss and crys the whole time till I return. I feel blessed that I am able to be home for my...


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3Rd Birthday Party

My son's 3rd birthday is coming up next month. I am not sure what I should...


Birthday Party Ideas

I have a son who is turning 6 in Feb. I am trying to come up with a fun...


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Winnie the Pooh or Elmo???

Its my babys first year next month, i always said when i had a baby his 1st bday will be POOH BEAR I love pooh bear.. even on my babyshower i received a bunch of pooh clothes and stuff. BUT my baby loves ELMO so now im very undecided. Hubby says pooh bear is for girls lol so he wants elmo but he will leave it up to me ... so what you mammas think??