Birth Plan

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What Birth Control Are You On?

A.S. asks from Dallas

I am wanting to do an educated decision of birth control and would like to know which ones you are using, or have used, so I can research them before making a decisio...


Birth Control

M.E. asks from Macon

Does anyone have or ever had an IUD as a form of birth control. I was thinking about getting one but i'm a little scared. I was wondering what type of side effects i...


Birth Control

T.L. asks from Cincinnati

Is anyone or has anyone taken one of those birth control that let you have a period every three or four months? How was it?


Birth Control

J.K. asks from Pittsburgh

I am looking to be put on some form of birth control, my concern is the side effects. Both of my parents passed away at a fairly young age of heart disease (my mother...


Are You Against Birth Control?

B.B. asks from New York

Hi Moms, Surveys have found that most women use some form of birth control. Is the church (and those who believe birth control is wrong) against even ryth...


Birth Control

M.M. asks from Amarillo

I am considering my options for birth control. I am currently on "the pill" and I am not very happy. My "drive" went from low to non-existent. I have recently star...


Birth Control

K.O. asks from Dallas

im looking for a birth control im not looking to have anymore kids for about 5 years from now. I was taking yaz But it made me crazy angry and caused tightening in my...


Home Birth

K.B. asks from Wichita

Hello Everyone! My husband and I have recently decided to have a homebirth with our second child, due in August. We are very excited about our decision and I am anxio...


Home Birth?

H.G. asks from Dallas

Hi mamas! im watching josh and anna duggar have her baby at home and after 17 hrs she gave birth! She was real frustrated at the end- understandable! Im done having ...


Natural Birth

L.L. asks from Benton Harbor

Looking for tips and encouragement for a natural birth experiance with my second child. I had an epidural with my 1st which went fine but I am really interested in n...