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Thinking About Christmas Already

J.S. asks from Chicago

Yeah...I know...crazy! I am looking for ideas for some big Christmas gifts this year for a will be 4 year old(girl) and 2 year old (boy). I am looking for something...


Need Idea for Gift for 4 YO Son for B-day

K.W. asks from Dallas

Does anyone have any ideas on gifts for a 4 YO for a birthday present. Our son turns 4 this week and we are having his party this Saturday. All he has asked for is ...


Need Ideas for Great Gifts for Birthday for 5 Year Old Girl

H.O. asks from Austin

My child is turning 5. She has 2 brothers and really doesn't have many girl things...what are great ideas/toys/crafts that would be good for a 5 year old girl?


Ride on Toy for 2 Year Old?

M.R. asks from Kansas City

Can you recommend a good ride on toy for my two year old daughter? my mom wants to get her a ride on toy for her 2nd b-day. I've looked a little on amazon and toys ...


Video Games for Toddlers

C.H. asks from New York

I am a mom of three kids, 9, 7 and 3 My 2 older children love to play their video games, but my 3 year old is really trying to fit in with them, but the games are to...


Does Any One Have This/ Is It a Fun Toy

E.G. asks from Detroit

My mom is looking to get my daughter a fun toy for christmas, she has a million toys especially little people. she plays with them all and is very independent but she...


1 Year Old Boy

R.C. asks from Washington DC

Hi all, Kinda new on here! Can I please have some suggestions for a 1 year old birthday present (boy). willing to spend $50-100. No clothes, please. Thanks!


Toys for 1 Yr Old Boy

J.L. asks from Pittsburgh

Believe it or not, I am already making a list for my kids for Christmas. My mom always seems to start early and she always asks me what to get the kids so I want to b...


Leapster 2 or Nintendo DS for 4 Yr Old

M.S. asks from Houston

Okay so my husband and I had decided to get our 4 year old son the Leapster 2 for Christmas this year. But now I have had a few friends mention maybe I should get th...


Anyones Kid Have a Nintendo Ds?

C.L. asks from Minneapolis

My husband wants to get our soon to be 5 yr old one but looking on, I don't see any age it would be appropiate for. I told him that I think the Leapster w...