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Which Scooter?

J.G. asks from Chicago

Oh my, I'm buying the kids scooters for Xmas and I have no clue what model to get them!!!! Do I just go with the pro or a cheaper model? I'd like adjustable handleba...


Riding a Bike W/out Training Wheels

T.G. asks from Boston

Hi Moms, How many of your 7 year olds are riding a bike without training wheels? my just turned 7 year old daughter is very hesitant to learn to ride a bike. She w...


Riding a Bike

S.D. asks from Phoenix

I am so beside myself on what it takes to teach a 10 year old how to ride a bike ?Is this a difficult thing ? My child has no balance at all. We have tried various ...


11 Year Old Boy Who Sleeps Too Much

L.T. asks from Lexington

I am worried about my 11 year old who gets his almost 9 hours of sleep every night and doses off the whole day, especially in class during teaching hours. He also dos...


Rules for 13 Year Old

J.H. asks from Dallas

My daughter keeps telling me she doesn't get to do anything a normal 13 year old can do. I would love to know what "normal" 13 year old girls get to do. Some issues...


Would You Let Your 11 Year Old....

C.R. asks from Kansas City

My eleven year old daughter will be starting middle school in the fall. Would you allow her to walk 1.3 miles to and from school with a friend? I feel it is too risky...


12 Year Old Boys>>> HELP

L.D. asks from Detroit

I have a 12 year old that will be 13. He is going into the 8th grade. He is a very good child until it comes to girls, facebook and cell phones. Help What time does...


13 Year Old Hermit

D.B. asks from Eau Claire

My 13 year old son is a hermit. He rarely likes to leave the house. He would much rather stay at home and play video or computer games. We do force him to leave th...


How to Teach Riding a Bike

H.F. asks from Washington DC

Compared to many other requests, this may seem like quite a shallow concern. However, my daughter has not learned to ride a two-wheeler bicycle like most of her frie...


13 Year Old Girls Roaming the Mall Without Supervision?

V.C. asks from Atlanta

I'm a divorced mother of two girls. My ex allows the 13 year old to visit the mall with groups of her friends without adult supervision. This is not something tha...