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Suggestions on Which 12 Inch Girls Bike to Buy?

A.D. asks from Seattle

So I have decided after reading many suggestions on birthday gifts for my soon to be 3 year old daughter to get her a "big girl" 12 inch bike for her birthday. After ...


When to Get a Bike?

S.H. asks from Huntsville

My daughter is 2, but she is about 31 1/2" tall. We know she is too short for a 12" bike, but I'm wondering how tall is tall enough for these bikes? She always want...


Thinking About Christmas Already

J.S. asks from Chicago

Yeah...I know...crazy! I am looking for ideas for some big Christmas gifts this year for a will be 4 year old(girl) and 2 year old (boy). I am looking for something...


Tv Watching 10 Month Old

J.V. asks from Austin

I have a 10 month old little boy who has loved to watch t.v. and movies since he was 3 months old. Every day he watches Elmo, and movies (not to much). He sits in his...


Need Fun Activites for My 3 Year Old

S.G. asks from Yakima

I am having a hard time going back to work full-time. I had been working very part-time for about 6 months and becuase of finances I had to go back to work ful-time. ...


Questions Regarding Daughter Starting Kindergarten

M.S. asks from Dallas

My daughter is starting kindergarten this fall and I have a few questions for moms of 1st or 2nd grade girls. This may seem strange but what kind of backpacks and lu...


Needed: Tips on Getting My 3Yr Old to Potty at Home!

K.W. asks from Philadelphia

My 3 children are all in daycare, and in regards to my "almost three year old" they are doing a great job with his potty training. He wears underwear all day, and exc...


Seeking Ideas of What to Put Under Dresses to Hide Underwear

M.A. asks from Los Angeles

My four year old is very active. I need some ideas of what to put under her dresses to cover her underwear. When she was younger most dresses came with little coveral...


Getting Rid of the Pacifier

T.D. asks from Sioux City

I have 3 children. A set of twins that are 7 and son who is 2, soon to be 3. My problem is my son will not give up his pacificer. He can't have it at daycare all d...