Bi-Polar Disorder

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Husband Recently Diagnosed with Bi Polar

M.D. asks from Detroit

I have been married for almost 9 years. When my we had our first child, I noticed my husband changing. When our son was about 9 months old, I found out my husband w...


Bi-polar Disorder in a 3 Year Old?

V.F. asks from Cheyenne

Ok well a few months ago I wrote because I was watching a friends kid and wanted to stop because of his behavior issues that were rubbing off on my kid. Well I stoppe...


Please Help Me Remain off Meds While Battling Bi-polar.

S.L. asks from San Diego

Okay, I have bi-polar. I've been like this for years. My partner of 8 years has just lived with it. She just knows that I'm going to do 100 things in 2 hours and t...


Seeking Help from Other Mom's with ADHD and or Bi Polar Children...

T.E. asks from Charleston

Anyone out there that has a child with adhd and bi polar disorder?I need some help, my son has anger issues, his dr tell's him to hit a pillow, but sometime's he hit'...


Need Immediate Psychiatric Help for Bi-Polar Husband-in-patient Help?

H.S. asks from Dallas

My marraige has been a rollercoaster since day 1. I found out from my mother-in-law that my husband was diagnoised with bi-polar disorder when he was a teenager (but...


Lamictal for Teens W/ Mood Swings... Possibly Bi-polar?

C.R. asks from Modesto

Has anyone had their teenager on Lamictal for bi-polar? I would like to hear experiences about this, if you have been through it, please. Thanks


Help!!! I Think My 13 Yr Old May Be bi-polar...need Input from Moms Familiar.

L.M. asks from Dallas

I am seeking input from moms who have been through this and know the signs and behavior of a bi-polar teen or child. I know what they say on the pamplets but I need m...


Son with Bi-Polar No One Will Help

A.A. asks from Columbia

My adult son was diagonss at the age of 6 with ADHD, at the age of 11 they added Bi-Polar. He been on 12 types of medication (this is a low number, its what I can rem...


Advise on Childhood Bi-polar

L.D. asks from Detroit

Is anyone dealing with childhood bi-polar/adhd? Our 7 yr old son can be the sweetest kid and turn into a raging monster at the drop of a hat. He's currently trying ...


Anyone Familiar w/ADHD & Bi-Polar Meds?

V. asks from Tampa

My nephew is spending a week with me. He just turned 7 and I haven't seen him in a year. Since that time, he's been put on ADHD (Metadate 30mg) & bi-polar (Abilify 5m...