Bi-Polar Disorder: Toddler

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Bi-polar Birthparents!

J.V. asks from York

My husband and I recently adopted a beautiful baby boy. His birth mother is bi-polar, and the birth father 'may' be also, but definitely has some other issues. In sp...


Questions About Bi-Polar

M.W. asks from Colorado Springs

I have an 8yr old boy who was diagnosed with ADHD when he was just 4 years old, and his pediatrician said that we may need to watch out for bi-polar in him. I have no...


Bi-polar in Children.

P.M. asks from Sacramento

My 8 year old grandson has been diaignosed with possible Bi-polar disorder. My son has not really received a diffent diaignose but he is very concerned. They want t...


Teen with Bi-Polar

J.B. asks from Boise

I have a 14 year old son that has been daignos with Bi-Polar.He been fighting depression since he was 6 year old and been on medicine most of his life. I just need to...



T.D. asks from Phoenix

I just had my 5 year old son diagnosed with Bi-polar and O.d.d.(opsitional difiance disorder)And was wondering if anyone knew if these where concidered to be a disabi...


Bi-polar Disorder

S.C. asks from Omaha

I have a son who is bi-polar aand I am having problems getting help for him. I applied for SSI for him and was denied and with just my husband working we cant afford ...


Is My Husband Bi-polar?

K.M. asks from Chicago

After reading your answers to my first post I wondering if my husband can be bi-polar. How can I tell if has this mental illness?What are the signs? He is very angry ...


Bi-polar Disorder

K.K. asks from Erie

Happy Holidays, This is the time when all the dysfunctional-ness comes out in my family. I'm just wondering if anyone has ever dealt with Bi-Polar disorder?? My...


Bi-Polar Disorder

J.K. asks from Williamsport

Well I got a report about my son a couple of weeks ago. I am still trying to firgue out what all of means. But the thing is how do you deal with the kids trying to ...


"Mom Looking for Others with Bi Polar Children"

A.B. asks from Lawton

I'm looking for advice on how to handle my bi polar son. Both my children have bi polar disorder and my son is the hardest to deal with. I should have also said, th...