Bi-Polar Disorder

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Bi-polar Birthparents!

J.V. asks from York

My husband and I recently adopted a beautiful baby boy. His birth mother is bi-polar, and the birth father 'may' be also, but definitely has some other issues. In sp...


Questions About Bi-Polar

M.W. asks from Colorado Springs

I have an 8yr old boy who was diagnosed with ADHD when he was just 4 years old, and his pediatrician said that we may need to watch out for bi-polar in him. I have no...



U.5. asks from Wichita

Can kids inherit the bi-polar disease from their parent?


Bi-polar in Children.

P.M. asks from Sacramento

My 8 year old grandson has been diaignosed with possible Bi-polar disorder. My son has not really received a diffent diaignose but he is very concerned. They want t...


Teen with Bi-Polar

J.B. asks from Boise

I have a 14 year old son that has been daignos with Bi-Polar.He been fighting depression since he was 6 year old and been on medicine most of his life. I just need to...



T.D. asks from Phoenix

I just had my 5 year old son diagnosed with Bi-polar and O.d.d.(opsitional difiance disorder)And was wondering if anyone knew if these where concidered to be a disabi...


Bi-polar Disorder

S.C. asks from Omaha

I have a son who is bi-polar aand I am having problems getting help for him. I applied for SSI for him and was denied and with just my husband working we cant afford ...


Is My Husband Bi-polar?

K.M. asks from Chicago

After reading your answers to my first post I wondering if my husband can be bi-polar. How can I tell if has this mental illness?What are the signs? He is very angry ...


Bi-polar Disorder

K.K. asks from Erie

Happy Holidays, This is the time when all the dysfunctional-ness comes out in my family. I'm just wondering if anyone has ever dealt with Bi-Polar disorder?? My...


Bi-Polar Disorder

J.K. asks from Williamsport

Well I got a report about my son a couple of weeks ago. I am still trying to firgue out what all of means. But the thing is how do you deal with the kids trying to ...