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Giving Kids Benadryl to Sleep on Airplanes: Good Move or Needless Medicating?

K.M. asks from San Francisco

Just read an interesting article on ( about whether or not it makes sense to give kids Benadryl for t...


Benadryl Dosage for 9 Month Old

J.A. asks from Seattle

OK so confused.... Son 9 mo 21lbs..has allergies and Dr. Said 4 ml OK for him...husband took son to Dr today due to stuffy nose, runny at times, wheezing, and coughin...


Is It Safe to Give a 8Month Old Baby Benadryl

C.C. asks from Indianapolis

My son is 8months old, he has a runny nose and coughing, it's been keepIng us both up, sometimes his crying wakes his 3year old big brother. What should I do?


Baby Allergies

J.L. asks from Salt Lake City

How much children's benadryl can i give my 21 pound 10 month old son


Hey Im 16Weeks and 2 Days Pergnant

C.T. asks from Greenville

16 weeks pregnant, have a terrible head cold runny nose , on my list of safe medications while pregnant, Benadryl is on it, is Benadryl Allergy diphenhydramine hci th...


Looking for Answer, Not a Lecture on Breastfeeding!!

L.B. asks from New York

My question is for the person who used Benadryl to stop her leakage, does it matter if its liquid or the pills? I tried cabbage leaves, ace bandage, sports bras and n...



L.G. asks from New York

can anyone let me know what kind of medicine should i give my 3 year old for his allergies... as long as its not claritin.and benadryl... thanks


Cough Syrup

Y.S. asks from Chicago

Hello moms, my son has been coughing for over a week now. We went to his pediatritian last Saturday and she prescribed Albuterol Syrup. 4 days of taking it, the cough...


What Medicine Can You Give a 10 Month Old with Seasonal Allergies?

J.D. asks from Sioux City

It seems like my son has seasonal allergies and I'm not sure what I can do to make him more comfortable. The doctor's office said to give him a 1/4 tsp of children's...


Allergy Help

J. asks from Dallas

Hello, I took my son to his pediatrician and says he has allergies. I gave him some children's benadryl which seemed to help but would like any other advice to eas...