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Youis Benadryl Safe for 7 Month Old?

N.C. asks from Corpus Christi

Is it safe to give my 7 month old Benadryl? I think he has seasonal allergies, we were playing outside he was in his stroller, when we came back inside I noticed some...


Benadryl for a 11 Month Old Who's 22Lbs

J.C. asks from New York

My 11 month old baby girl has a severe runny nose. It has been keeping her up all night and day. No naps and no sleep. Everytime I go to put her down she immediate...


What Amount of Childrens Benadryl Can I Give to My 21 Months Old

E.V. asks from Orlando

what amount of benadryl can i give to my 21 months old? hes been with watery and itchy eyes, runny nose, he have rash on his face. im worry cause i dont know the righ...


Worried About Using Children's Benadryl on 6 Month Old

M.A. asks from Providence

I was wondering if anyone had experience with Children's Benadryl, specifically with a baby as young as six months. My 6 month old has been so stuffed up and has a p...


Benadryl for a Two Year Old with Allergies, Please Help!

A.S. asks from Houston

Good Morning Everyone. I have a question. I was just reading another post from a mom asking how to know if her baby had allergies or a cold. How to tell the differe...


Melatonin vs Benadryl for a 19 Month Old Help!!!!

J.J. asks from Minneapolis

Help ladies we are flying over Christmas and we have flown several times before with our 19 month old. Each time is gets harder and harder. He will not sit in his ca...


Plugged up Ears OFTEN and Causing Discomfort. Benadryl and Nettle Not Working.

G.M. asks from Phoenix

Hi all you parents out there! I have a question for myself here. My ears have been plugging up often ever since last May. I've taken benadryl, and the Organic allerge...


Children's Benadryl Allergy Medication for a 5 Months Old Baby

L.S. asks from San Francisco

Hi moms My little boy is having a cold and a sore throat...coughing a lot ...but is a dry cough. I called the emergency help of my pediatrician today and the nurse ...


Is Benadryl Ok to Give My 1 Year Old to Help Her Sleep?

T.K. asks from Jacksonville

ok here is my issue...I am traveling in a car with my daughter on a 15 hour trip. We are leaving at night time so she can sleep through the night, however I worry tha...


Question for Moms Who Must Carry Medications (Like Benadryl or Epi-pen).

S.B. asks from Los Angeles

My three-year-old son has a couple of food allergies that require us to carry an Epi-Pen and Benadryl with us. I need it to be accessible, so I keep it in my purse o...