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Teething Help

J.E. asks from Boca Raton

My darling 15 month old is teething. For two weeks now she has had a runny nose that has been running to the back of her throat. She coughs all night, she is misera...


Seeking Info Regarding Melatonin and Babies on Flights

T.P. asks from Tucson

Hello, Several moms have posted that they have used melatonin as a sleep aid during air flights with their infants. I'm looking for details regarding this. My pediat...


How to cure pets with cherry eye?

M.G. asks from Phoenix

My puggle (beagle/pug) has developed "cherry eye". My question is... have any of your pets had this and what did they have done to fix it? I will be calling the vet t...



L.A. asks from Springfield

Hello moms! My daughter over the past several days keeps getting hives. When she comes in from outside, her face, hands, and feet will be covered. Over a few hours af...


Bug Bites

T.C. asks from Dallas

HELP!!! I am getting eaten/bitten by mosquito s? no-see-ums? whenever I try and put spray on, it makes me sick, so I can't use that. I bought Bug Bands, but they aren...


Any Suggestions

J.L. asks from Denver

We are traveling to Costa Rica in 9 days and have a 3 year old and 9 year old with us. My 3 year old is one of those rare children that benadryl, etc. actually makes...


Restless Legs and Body at night...can't Sleep. Is There a Remedy?

G.M. asks from Phoenix

Hi Parents! For the past five nights, my body and legs have been restless to the point where I'm tossing and turning and can't get relaxed enough to fall asleep. I'm...


14Mo Old Allergic to Mosquito Bites?

A.F. asks from Chicago

Our 14 mo old daughter seems to get huge swollen welts when she's bitten by a mosquito. Some even begin to look like blisters. It looks horrible! They don't seem to b...


8 Mnth Old Son W/ Runny Nose(green), Congestion, Deep Rough Cough,but No Fever?

M.J. asks from Norfolk

My son is 8 months old. 2 days ago he woke up around 7 pm from a nap w/ a bad cough, runny nose, congestion, but no fever. I called his pediatrician and a nurse said ...


Suggestions for Toddler Cough

A.C. asks from Dallas

My son is coughing ALL NIGHT LONG. He doesn't cough much at all during the day. He's almost 2 and in a big boy bed. I have tried Benadryl, natural allergy tablets, ...