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Full Body Cast

C.T. asks from Phoenix

My daughter broke her femur 4 days ago. She is in a spica cast...from her ribcage all the way down to her left ankle, halfway down her right leg and a bar connecting...


Advice on Caring for a Toddler with a Long Leg Cast

P.P. asks from Detroit

Hi there...I was wondering if anyone out there has had a toddler with a long leg cast..?? My 18 month old son has a "toddler's" fracture from his leg twisting while g...


My Belly with Twins...

K.S. asks from Melbourne

just looking for some insight. i am 12 weeks pregnant with twins. i have one son already. i have been extremely sick this pregnancy, starting to feel a little better ...


Belly Casting Kit Wanted ASAP; Know of Local Retailer/have One to Sell?

E.H. asks from Chicago

Anyone know where I can find a Belly Casting Kit locally (11th hour: I'm due Monday and would like to cast this weekend if possible)? I live in Park Ridge. Michael's ...


Health: 2 Yr Old Son Complaining His Boobies Hurt.

J.P. asks from San Francisco

recently my son broke his arm. he also has a cold and has been cutting his two year old molars- all four at the same time. but the past 3 days he has been complaining...


What Pregnancy Keepsake Would You Step Out of the Box to Do?

A.H. asks from Sacramento

Which one or more would do or have you done? The choices are: Nude (tastefull) pregnancy photos Body casting Painted Baby Bump Belly & Photo


Infant and Surgery

C.R. asks from Chicago

My son was born with an extra thumb on his left hand. I was told that this is not too unusual (about 1 in 1000 births.) It is not affecting his health or developmen...


When Will I Have This Baby?!

C.A. asks from Boston

I'm due in 10 days (Oct. 9th). My baby seems to have dropped (my belly looks and feels much lower), and I have had a few painful contractions (but mostly painless Bra...



M.B. asks from Charleston

HELP! I'm a 20 something first time expecting Mom and I'm at the 24 week mark- why is that ALL I want to do is come home and sit in the recliner, or on my couch? I c...


After Effects of a Broken Femur....

A.R. asks from Chicago

As I had originally posted, my 27 month old broke his thighbone (Femur) several days ago...he is in a sugar-tong splint. We went for his checkup yesterday, and as far...