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Early Second Pregnancy Concerns

S.T. asks from Dallas

I am 7 weeks pregnant with my second child. I also have an ovarian cyst that continues to grow every week with the baby. With my first child I didnt start showing unt...


Showing Sooner with Second Pregnancy

A.C. asks from Memphis

Hey everyone, How soon did you start showing with your second pregnancy and how many years apart are your children? I'm currently 13 weeks pregnant with my sec...


Seeking Information About a Rash During Pregnancy

C.K. asks from Chicago

I am 14 weeks pregnant and I have a rash that started around my belly button and now has spread around my stomach and legs. I went to the doctor and they told me to ...


Possible Pregnancy Nerves

S.A. asks from Fresno

I really just need to vent...I am scared! I am a first time mother to a baby boy I had in March. I started menstruating about 3 mos after I had the baby and although ...


Ectopic Pregnancy Treatment/side Effects?

L.K. asks from Los Angeles

Last week my dr thought I had a miscarrage because few days after what i though was my period i started spotting.. but when I went back to have them check my hormone ...


Advice on Bras and Pregnancy

A.F. asks from New York

I am twenty-seven weeks pregnant with my second daughter. Lately my back hurts and I think it is my bra. I just went to a real maternity store (Destination Maternity...


Pregnancy Photography

T.C. asks from Dallas

Any recommendation/s of a great, reasonable, photographer for pregnancy and new born photos? Thanks, T.


Question About Pregnancy and Drama

C.Z. asks from Omaha

So this other question got me wondering. And please take this the best way possible. Why do some women act like pregnancy is a disability. I am not talking about ...


Camouflaging Pregnancy Belly Until End of First Trimester

T.M. asks from St. Louis

I am about 10 weeks along with my third pregnancy and look like I did at 4 months with my first! My last pregnancy ended in a miscarriage that was discovered at 13 w...


Advice on Pregnancy and Motherhood

N.S. asks from Hartford

Okay I have found myself unexpectedly pregant. I am happy about this and was planning on another child but it happened MUCH earlier than expected. I have always had...