Belly Band & Support Belt: Infant

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Huge and Sore Early on in My Second Pregnancy

L.S. asks from Atlanta

Just wondering...I'm 24 weeks into my second pregnancy and I am really surprised at how much bigger I am than my first pregnancy and how sore I am this time around. ...


Question Regarding Hernia Due to Pregnancy

J.D. asks from Los Angeles

I have two hernias on either side of my pubic bone that developed around the 5th month of my pregnancy. I am 7 months now and experiencing more and more discomfort as...


Has Anyone Ever Experienced Knee Pain After Pregnancy?

J.B. asks from Erie

I realize this may be a bit of an odd experience, but I cannot figure out why I have knee pain. I never had any problems with my knees before or during pregnancy. I...


Anyone Tried a Belly Wrap After Pregnancy?

C.P. asks from San Antonio

Has anyone tried a "Belly Bandit" or "Taut" belly wrap after pregnancy? I just checked out a few online and was wondering if any "real" person has had success. The ...


Pregnancy...hips Feel like They're Falling Apart!

A.G. asks from Provo

This is my 6th pregnancy...I am definitely no stranger to pregnancy pain. I have horrible varicose veins 'down there'...excrutiatingly painful...and now all of a sud...


Pregnancy Gift

A.D. asks from Boston

Hi Mamas, I just found out that my best friend (who lives in Texas) is having a baby, Her first. I am very happy and excited for her and I'd like to give her somethi...


Sex During Pregnancy

H.S. asks from Kansas City

OK so my husband is always wanting to have sex. He can't keep his hands off me. But for some reason I am just never in the mood. And I feel terrible about it but some...


Weight After Pregnancy

K.A. asks from Lancaster

After having my first baby I was very eager to get back into shape. After a few months of working out and eating healthy I am now a few pounds less than before I had...


Buspar in Pregnancy

M.M. asks from Washington DC

Ladies, I really need your help! I am 34 weeks pregnant and am suffering from horrible anxiety attacks. I have made it this far without any medications but i feel li...


Pregnancy Symptoms

S.M. asks from San Francisco

Hello mamas, I'm about 10 weeks pregnant with my second child. It is a wonderful blessing to be pregnant again; however, my body is a total wreck! I have horrible m...