Belly Band & Support Belt

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Tummy Support - Belly Band??

B.P. asks from Pittsburgh

Hello! I'm 25 weeks into my second pregnancy and carrying very low this time. I keep having back spasms and pain/throwing my back out which puts me into tears for 3...


Belly Band for Pregnancy Support, What Is It? Did It Help You?

A.G. asks from Houston

Im 35 weeks pregnant. I have separating hips and i'm really looking for anything that might help, i cant avoid walking,I have two other kids and a husband who basical...


Pregnancy Support Belt

F.B. asks from New York

Mamas & papas I am looking for a pregnancy support belt. One which will help my hips back and belly. Not simply the type to cover the gap between your pants and t...


Belly Band Question (Maternity Wear)

M.R. asks from Rochester

I'm not expecting yet (or if I am I am only a few days along) but I was wondering if anyone has worn a Belly Band equivalent to keep pre-pregnancy clothes up before m...


Maternity Support Belt

K.L. asks from San Francisco

Hi! I am on my 8th month of pregnancy! Its my first and having a bit of back pain already. Just wanted to ask if you would have any recommendation on a good pregn...


Pregnancy Support Belt

J.D. asks from Dallas

Ok... so I'm 29 weeks along and need a pregnancy support belt. I have lower abdominal pain and had some false labor last week. Of the multitude of selections, which o...


Pregnancy Support Belt

C.I. asks from Washington DC

Okay... so without lots and lots of details I had a VERY difficult posterior (sunny side up) delivery with my first baby. So I've been paying a lot of attention to "...


Pregnancy Support Belt

C.S. asks from New York

I am 23 weeks pregnant, with my 3rd child, and my lower back is complaining. I've been doing yoga and using microwave heating packs at night. Not much help. I'm thin...


Anybody Use a Pregnancy Belly Support Band?

S.1. asks from Duluth

Hi all! I am 8 months pregnant and extremely uncomfortable with lower abdomen aches and pains, and a lot of inner thigh/pelvic pain due to the weight of my belly. H...


Teen Pregnancy

A.Y. asks from San Francisco

Has anyone dealt with teen pregnancy and what did you do? We desperately need help!