Behavior: Xopenex

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Any Reactions to Xopenex or Pulmicort?

L. asks from Chicago

Has anyone's child use a nebulizer with Xopenex or Pulmicort and had any behavioral reactions? My 2 year old has been acting terrible lately and we have been using t...


Xopenex HFA & Singular Medicine

J.T. asks from New Orleans

My 6 year old granddaughter has been taking Xopenex HFA inhaler for a few months now as well as Singular tablets at other times. I have noticed a severe personality c...


Breathing Treatments & Behavior - Please Give Advice

D.B. asks from Dallas

My 2 1/2 year old daughter has an upper respiratory infection with wheezing and some fast breathing. They put her on breathing treatments with xopenex solution. Thi...


Bad Behavior "Reaction"/side Effects to Advair

A.S. asks from Dallas

Has anyone seen bad behavior side effect to Advair with their children? We took Cingulair one time and had this same horrible behavior "reaction". What else could w...


Anyone Familiar with Pulmicort

M.B. asks from Detroit

Anyone familiar with a medicine called pulmicort? It is a preventitive asthma medication. I am told it is also for allergies. It has been prescribed by my pediatricia...


11 Month Old Prescribed Pulmicort

L.C. asks from Athens

My 11 month son who wheezes from time to time had a recheck on his ear infection today. Well he was wheezing today and the doctor prescribed Pulmicort to use in his ...


Cold->Asthma->Nebulizer-> Beastly Son :-(

M.P. asks from Green Bay

For the past year or so, it has been our experience that every time our son gets a cold, he gets "reactive airway disease" symptoms, which our Allergy/Asthma dr. is n...



E.M. asks from Tampa

So my son was on singular until his allegist told me about the conterversy that has been going on. I have read mixed things about singular, some say it is a wonder dr...


Flovent Inhaler for 3 Yr Old

R.H. asks from Boston

My daughter was recently diagnosed with asthma. She started Flovent about a month ago. She takes 2 puffs twice daily and she does a great job using her spacer. My hus...


Adverse Side Effects of Zyrtec? Flonase? Albuterol?

L.P. asks from Pittsburgh

My son recently started on a regimen of Zyrtec and Flonase daily, and Albuterol as needed. When we started these meds, I posted something on this site about his ...