Behavior: Toddler, First Response

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"Disciplining" a 15 Month Old

Hi everybody. I need some help in handling my 15 month old when he is naughty. Of course I tell him "no" but sometimes he will continue to do what I have asked him to stop doing, sometimes a dozen times! I, in turn become angry, and shout at him. My two fears are: 1. that he will become one of those "out of control" children and 2. that I come off as somehow abusive. I will admit that sleep deprivation and nonstop care of my son leave me vulnerable, however, I need to get a grip. My husband works from home so he is there to whisk...

Disrespect & Disobedience

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Teen Daughter Disrespectful

I am divorced and have a 13 year old daughter. My boyfriend has moved in with us. She and I had discussed his moving in prior to him doing so and at first they got along well. Now, they bicker constantly and put me in the middle. My daughter is manipulative at times and uses my guilt to get her way. She is spoiled, an only child and is used to getting my full attention. I spend time alone with her and do "girl time" with her often. It just sometimes doesn't seem enough and she complains that she feels "neglected". I don't know what...


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Daddy and Toddler Tantrums

Lately it seems that I am dealing with more than my three year olds tantrums. My husband gets just as wound up about her behavior and is so quick to respond by sending her to her room for what seems to me "everything". He yells, she yells the house is full of yelling!!! I am an elementary educator and am able to ignore behaviors and have patience. My husband tells me that I ignore too much and am not disciplining enough. My daughter is an unbelievable screamer. I wonder if our neighbors think we are hurting her. Some days, I think...


Is This a Tantrum?

Recently, my 16 month old son has started crying much more frequently than...