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19 Month Old HATES Bathtime

Just recently, in the last 3 weeks, my daughter of 18.5 months hates taking a bath. She screams, cries, stands up, and won't get in without us physically making her do so. She has always disliked having her hair washed and would often stand up the minute we tried to wash her hair, but now the bathtime is even worse. She used to love it, she used to play and stay in the tub for a long time. Nothing has changed except her behavior towards it. I have gotten new toys, bubble bath, crayones for the bath...I have even gotten in the bath tub...


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Sesame Street Live: Elmo Grows up - Any One Attended? Experience?

This show is coming to BU's arena in late April and wanted to get feedback on what the show is like. How old were the children who attended? Is it a long period of sitting or is getting up and moving encouraged? Your thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!