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No Shoes On!!!

Hellow there ladies! By the way "Happy Mother's day" to ALL! My problem is that my 3 year old refuses to keep his shoes and socks on! No matter where we are or how cold or hot it is He just takes them off and throws them off to the side. It's gotten to the point that his toe nails are all broken from stubbing them and his feet have had some pretty bad cuts... I'm desperate PLEASE HELP!!!!! V.


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Stride Rite Shoes

I have a 14-month old daughter who is not walking by herself yet, but will walk when assisted. I feel that it could be any time now that she will start walking on her own. She is currently wearing Robeez shoes, but I was wondering if I should make the investment in a pair of Stride Rites at this stage. Would love to hear from others on their opinions of this brand or other brands of shoes. Thanks so much.


Shoes for Narrow Feet

My 9th month old daughter is starting to cruise and has the smallest, narrow...