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14 Month Old with Negative Change in Behavior

My son has recently been more moody then usual. He is throwing tantrums which he hasn't done before. I am also trying to introduce him to the sippy cup. He throws it and crys for his bottle which I am trying to reserve for naps and bedtime only. Is this behavior normal? Also any advice for transitioning to a sippy cup for a bottle attached little guy?

Disrespect & Disobedience

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Long Term Breastfeeding a High Needs Toddler

Hi Moms, Before I go into the question I'd like to ask all critics and know-it-alls to quietly roll their eyes to themselves and leave supportive and informative answers to those who have experience in this area. Please and thanks. OK, my daughter's awesome, she's a super-growing, healthy, strong and beautiful 18month old. She's also incredibly creative, challenging and VERY high-needs in all areas of life. I decided to do the full-on Attachment Parenting techniques with her totally by default (I never heard of Dr. Sears until she...


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Sippy Cup Choice

Ok ladies, I have my son on Nuby sippy' of my friends told me the other day her pediatrician said that Nuby was bad for the teeth and jaw development because it is still soft nipple like a bottle. I know all doctors are different and believe in different ways but have any of you heard this? I tried all kinds of sippy's and Nuby is the only one my baby likes to drink out you suggest me to try any other kind?

Legal Trouble

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I Give Up!

I am convinced I am the worst mother on the planet. My son doesn't sleep... doesn't eat... throws food... isn't really talking more than doggie, dada and this, hits, bits, scratches, pinches, beats on the dogs, fights us on diaper changes, etc. The biggest ticket is he doesn't sleep.... last night he was up every 2 hours again. I've tried the major sleep methods out there... CIO ... no CIO, cosleeping, etc. I can't handle this anymore. He's coming up on 19 months and I'm still nursing. I can't get him to take any form of milk so that i can...



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Advise on 2 Year Old Tantrums and the Darn Bottle

My daughter just started displaying this new tantrum technique. She gets very angry, cries, agressively flicks her hands and fingers together and starts to cough and gag like she's about to throw up. She woke up early this morning from an apparent bad dream and wanted to lay on the couch and have milk. She still takes a bottle of milk before bed, which I also want to eliminate but not sure how to. So she became extremely upset when I wouldn't fulfill her request. I eventually gave in (I blame the 4am hour) and she had her milk and was...