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Having a REALLY Hard Time with My 3 Year Old

Hi! I am having a very hard time with my very smart, loving, little boy. He is three years old---The main issues we are facing are: Listening---he ignores what I say or tells me he is flat out not going to do what I say Following directions---He will say I am going to listen and I am going to behave but then when he gets to whatever place we are going, he does the exact opposite. I prepare him before we go anywhere what I expect him to do: Stay by mom, quiet voices in the library or hold my hand and then we will go do___________...


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LeapPad - Waste of Money or Worthy Investment?

Hi all, We are going to be driving to Florida (from MN) for spring break. I have 3 kids aged 3, 5 and 6. I am starting to think about things to keep them busy for 28 hours in the car. I have two friends who bought LeapPads over the holiday, but haven't used them much yet. I'm curious if you all can give a recommendation. I saw some pretty negative reviews on complaints about cost of applications, difficulty with set up and support, and the fact that the games were pretty spendy. Part of me wants to have my kids read...