Behavior: Infant

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J.R. asks from Los Angeles

I am really upset. My two-year old just told his grandfather that he killed a toy robot and he died. He pretended to cry and told his grandfather to bring him back ...


Bad Behavior

A.K. asks from Honolulu

My 5 year old has very bad behavior. He doesn't listen to me at all. He just started kindergarten 2 days ago and the teacher already sent home bad behavior notices. S...


Behavior Questions

S.S. asks from Spartanburg

Hello moms, I was wondering if any other moms have suspicions about whether or not diets (gluten and/or casein) really affects a child’s behavior. I think the c...


My Baby Going to Funeral of an Infant???

B.S. asks from Houston

We need help here. On Wednesday night my SIL who was carrying twins lost the baby boy. She was induced Thursday and the baby girl is doing well. There will be a funer...


Help with Behavior

K.S. asks from Bellingham

I'm at my wits end! My 6 year old son has been terrible the last year or so with his behavior. He is disrespectful, throws tantrums when things don't go his way, ye...


Should I Be Worried About This Behavior?

T. asks from Rockford

My son is just over three years old and he's showing behavior that is making me concerned. He chases and corners and tries to scare my three small dogs (all of whom ...


Changes in Behavior

M.C. asks from Dallas

My 8 month old son is teething...he already has 3 and has two more on the way. I expect some fussiness with this, but the last week or so he has been acting way more ...


Behavior Changes...

L.C. asks from New York

my five year old just started kindergarten and i'm already getting notes home. his behavior has taken a very distinct change for the worse, and we've tried everything...


Rational Behavior?

E.K. asks from Kalamazoo

So my mother is up to her same old tricks again... The latest was I told her she couldnt be alone with my dd anymore b/c of the drinking that was going on and other n...


Diet and Behavior

M.D. asks from San Francisco

My son has been having issues (defiance and anger) and I am considering changing his diet to see if there is any effect. I am starting with eliminating corn syrup. We...