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What to Put in a Bottle When Baby Has a Fever?

Hello everyone. My 15 month old son has been running a fever since Wednesday night. It's been a low-to-medium grade fever... goes up and down as the tylenol takes effect and wears off. He is teething and cutting molars, but I really don't think it's teething, because until now, he has NEVER run a fever while teething.(although my older three boys always did, this one just doesn't) He really hasn't wanted to eat any food, just a few bites of this, and maybe one bite of that... very little. I started to put Gerber brand Apple Juice in...

Social Skills

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Advice/Suggestion On Baby Shower Gifts

Hi...My workplace is having a combined baby shower for three women who are expecting this spring. All three are having their first, all are having boys, and all have had other baby showers. The registry items at Babies R Us are all too expensive, especially considering I have to buy three of everything! I would really like to get something original and something they will use or need. Any suggesttions or things YOU got at showers that were special, memorable, or especially thoughtful?


Homemade Baby Food

Hi moms, I have been considering making my own baby food, something I did...


What Is a Friend?

Mamas & Papas- What is a friend at age 3, at age 5, at age 7 in the...