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My Baby Always Cries in the Car

Has anyone else had a baby who hated being the car? I know it's not the seat because I've put her in there sleeping and she keeps sleeping... until she gets into the car! Literally, she cries the whole time. I have used a pacifier which sometimes works very temporarily. When my husband is with us I ride in the back and it doesn't seem to help at all. She gets so upset and cries so hard the back of her head and her back are wet with sweat by the time we make it home. We have only driven like 30 minutes tops. I've tried stopping the...


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Do I Trash the Britax or What?

My hubby's truck was rear ended and the britax was in there. We're getting it replaced from the insurance company, so what do I do with the old one? She wasn't in it when it happened but I won't put her back in it because I'm too much of a safety nut. It's a Britax Regent and I've only had it for a few months. The foam on the back got cracked. So do I put it on the curb or what?


Britax Car Seats

Can anyone give their advice/experience regarding the Britax carseats? I am...


Evenflo Vs. Britax

We are debating between an Even Flo Triumph and Britax Marathon and/or...

Disrespect & Disobedience

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Screaming in Car Seat

My 4 month old daughter HATES being in her car seat. She starts crying almost as soon as she is strapped in, and arches her back and locks her legs staight while I am trying to get her buckled. I have checked to make sure that none of the straps are pinching and that the fit is right. Everything is correctly fitted. Most of the time, she starts screaming as soon as she is hooked in. I have tried hanging different toys from the handle, giving her toys, sitting next to her to interact(whenever I am not driving) and nothing seems to be...