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Strange Cramping & Spotting

Good Morning Ladies, I have been experiencing occassional cramping and spotting for about 2 months now. In addition, I am having my periods regularly. I spoke to the nurse at my doctor's office on Monday and she told me that I must be pregnant. The possibility is open, but not very likely and as I said I am still having my periods. Well, I took a pregnancy test just to be sure and it came back negative as I expected. I called the nurse back to give her the results and she said that she is still positive that I am pregnant. I am...

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Faint Positive on EPT Test

My husband and I have been try for another baby since January. Had my period on New Years Eve, then I believe I got it again the first weekend in February. My husband says I have been really hormonal, and I have also been nauseated, a little dizzy, and really tired. (Though, the almost 2 year old could have something to do with being tired). I took a digital Clear Blue test on Saturday, it was negative. Took an EPT a couple days later, and I thought it was negative. This was around 9 am. Hubby cones over to me in the late afternoon after...