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Why Is She So Fussy?

My daughter (2 months old) is very gassy and actually colicy as well. She is always crying off and on throughout the day. I orignally had her on Enfamil with LIPIL and then switched her to Enfamil Gentlease, but she is still gassy and fussy. I've even tried Smiliac sensative.. Is there any suggestions for me. Could it be the formula or something else.

Disrespect & Disobedience

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How to Reduce the # of Nursings a Day

Thank you all in advance for your advice. I have a 17 month old daughter who is still nursing. Nether of us is ready to wean, my daughter loves to nurse and I enjoy the relationship that nursing gives us. However, in the last month my daughter has taken to nursing A LOT during the day ( we night weaned so that I can get some sleep, if she wakes up daddy goes and rocks her) she will nurse every 20 minutes some days. I am trying to avoid being her drink of water so to speak. I always make sure she has 3 sippy cups available (milk/water/tea)...


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Need Suggestions for 5Yo with Adhd

My son who has been having a great deal of difficulty(especially at school) was diagnosed with adhd today. It is severe enough that lately I have been calls from the school and bad reports home nearly everyday(last week he was sent home once and only wasnt on another day because it was a half day). I got a prescription from the dr. for concerta, however for a 60 say supply they wanted $217.00! that was with their insurance. I have 2 problems now. I need to try and get something similar from the dr. on monday that isnt so expensive(any...


A Colicky Baby

Hi everyone... I'm writing this for my sister... She has a 4 month old boy...