Behavior: Curves

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Club Behavior, Normal or Learned

In the past few weeks, my daughter (5 in March) has participated in some "club games." One of these games took place at her little brother's 3rd bday party, where my daughter's best-friend had the other kids "running" away from the bday boy if they "spied" him, because he wasn't part of their "club." A week later, another close friend of my daughter's excluded her from the "princess club" because my daughter didn't have on a dress (just a skirt). Then last night, at another party, the girls chased the boys out of the playroom. Anyone...


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Curves or a Gym?

I'm looking to start exersizing on a daily basis. I'm not a fan of walking a treadmill and I do have some knee issues and an abdominal hernia. My doctors says I need to do "something" but they don't really tell you what. Should I join a gym or Curves? or start at home? any ideas for simple exersizes I can do myself would be helpful. PS my daughter will be joining/starting too.

Disrespect & Disobedience

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Rude Neighbor - When to Stand up for Yourself and When to Let It Go

Venting and asking a question.... I got married in February. We both owned homes and after much discussion, we decided to move into my hubby's house. He has lived there for about 3yrs so needless to say, I tend to think I have the same "neighbor/friend" relationship with these people as my husband does. Well, we have neighbors across the street.....the wife and I get along pretty good though however, the husband and I have this {what shall I call it?} hate/hate relationship. Now, I am not at all a confrontational person. I like to...