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Need Help Loving My Daughter

Hello wise mothers, my husband and I are having a problem. We have 8 month old boy/girl twins who are very different in their personalities. Our son is easy going, patient, happy, and typically only cries when there is clearly something wrong. Our daugher is a different story, she is such a mama's girl who always wants to be held, screams for attention, and in general is just very demanding. She will throw what seems like 2 year old temper tantrums like someone is killing her, and then stop instantly when we pick her up. I often feel like I...

Disrespect & Disobedience

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Going to the Grocery Store

I have a problem with my almost 2 year old daughter. She won't follow me or come when I call her when we are on the way to or from or in the grocery store. She likes to help, so I'll ask her to get the things she can reach and let her put them in the basket, but then she just won't stay with me as I'm walking through the store and I have to leave my son in his stroller, go grab my daughter and drag her back with me. After doing this about 10 times in the store I'm exhausted! I can't put her in a cart because I can't push both my son's...


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Ergo Baby Carrier

Before our baby was born, it was suggested by many well-meaning friends to purchase the Ergo baby carrier. So, we spent 120.00 and got one. It has sat, unused, for almost 13 months. Our baby never took to it. She preferred the Bjorn because she liked facing outward. I recently tried again, putting her on my back in the Ergo so she could face outward, but she just doesn't like it. So, were you in my position, would you hold on to it in the hopes that she might start to like it in the coming months (we travel a lot and I've heard the Ergo can...


Which Baby Carrier???

ok so im a little overwhelmed with all the types of carriers!! I think i may...

Testing Limits

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7Month Old Doesn't Sleep in Crib

So my daughter is 7months old. And she used to take naps in her crib until she started falling asleep when I nursed her. Now she takes one nap in her swing and the rest of the naps in my or my husbands arms. I really want to be able to just set her in her crib and have her take her naps so I can get things done in the house. Does anyone have any ideas how I can go about switching her from sleeping with me to sleeping in her crib for naptime? My husband doesn't like the idea- do you have any ideas for getting him on board. (He doesn't like...