Behavior: Aquaphor

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Red Stomach Rash

My 6 month old has red dry patches over his stomach. I noticed it yesterday and it seemed to be better this morning. Unfortunately, it seems to be worse tonight. I applied Aquaphor and hydrocortisone. Could this be a food allergy? I've introduced peaches this week. He's had apples, pears, prunes, carrots, and rice cereal and has never had this rash before. Also wondering if the change in weather may be the cause?


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18 Month Old Tantrums

My daughter gets so upset at times and screams so hard she can hardly breath and throws her self around. I just walk away and let her have her tantrum. At times though she will throw a tantrum when I change her diaper or am trying to get her dressed. She makes it impossible to get her diaper on. She thrashes around and pulls it off as i try to put it on. Same with putting her clothes on. I keep thinking she will grow out of it but she seems to be getting worse. My son never had tantrums like this.