Bed Wetting & Night Accidents

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Bed Wetting

S.F. asks from Washington DC

Hello all. I have a seven year old son, soon to be eight, who is still wetting the bed. I have tried everything I or doctors could think of. They say that he will gro...


Bed Wetting

F.F. asks from San Francisco

OK - My son just turned 8. He still wears pull ups at night, due to constant evening bed wetting. He's a hard sleeper and doesn't feel himself urinating. I've cut ...


Bed Wetting

S.M. asks from Denver

My almost four year old daughter was completely out of training pants, sleeping through the night and dry at nap time but for the last few months she has been wanting...


Bed Wetting

A.M. asks from Milwaukee

My son is 13 years old and is still wetting the bed. We have tried everything from stopping his fluid intake a couple of hours before bedtime, setting 2 alarms so th...


Bed Wetting

B.M. asks from Binghamton

i am a mother of three a 4,5 and 7 yr old. my girls 4 and 7 have had no problem potty training, they actually started quite early. my son, on the other hand, didnt st...


Bed Wetting

S.H. asks from Dallas

Hello Moms, I have a 13 year old girl, who keeps having bouts with bed wetting. We potty trained fine, and then when she was in kindergarten we moved. That's when ...


Chiropractic Care for Bed Wetting

R.M. asks from Minneapolis

Looking into chiropractic care for bed wetting. Does this work or not. Please respond if you have tried this and what kind of results you had.


9 Yr Old with Enuresis

A.L. asks from Pocatello

My son has been wetting the bed every night. I have talked to the Dr. about this problem, but they can't help me. He is a very deep sleeper, and I have thought mayb...


Bed Wetting Alarm Suggestions

J.W. asks from Boston

Hello....our pediatrician has recommended the SleepDry system for a bed wetting alarm for our 6yr old son. I am just starting the process of reviewing different prod...


6Yo Wetting Bed Again

J.S. asks from Provo

My 6.5 year old has started wetting the bed again, the last 3-4 nights in a row. The first night after it happened we made him stop drinking after 6pm, and made sure ...