Bed Wetting & Night Accidents: Pampers

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Parent's Choice Vs. Pampers

J.G. asks from Cincinnati

Whats the difference, other than price? I've always bought Pampers, I guess just because I felt like buying the most expensive diapers was the equivalent of giving my...


Pampers Easy Ups

K.A. asks from Los Angeles

Hi Moms, I was wondering if any of you have experienced what I'm currently going through. My daughter who is a little over 1yr 1/2 is going through the potty trainn...


Help with Wetting the Bed

S.P. asks from Longview

My son is about to turn 5, and is still having a problem with wetting the bed. I've taken the drinks away at a proper time, I've even waked him up to use the restroom...


My 5-Year-old Son Still Wetting the Bed at Night... What Can We Do?

L.M. asks from San Francisco

my 5-year-old son still wetting the bed at night sometimes... what can we do? I've heard of some kind of "night devise" that can be attached to wake him up at night.....


Pampers Diaper Exploded!

S.A. asks from Santa Barbara

When I changed my sons diaper this morning after him wearing it for 10 hrs overnight, I found that it had exploded ALL over him. All those gel crystals everywhere--y...


Bed Wetting

D.C. asks from Boston

Hi, My son in 4yrs old and decided that he is too old for "Pullups" or "Goodnight Underpants". He has been potty trained during the day since he was 3yrs old. But...


Bed Wetting

L.S. asks from Cleveland

My Daughter is 11 and I need advice. The school camping trip is approaching. Unfortunately she still wets the bed frequently. We have tried both the alarm method and...


Regressing...bed Wetting.

L.B. asks from Columbia

I know at least once a week there is a post about bed wetting, so I guess it's my turn this week :) My son (will be 5 in June) is really regressing when it comes to s...


Wetting Through Diaper

S.P. asks from Lawton

Lately my son has been wetting through his diaper and sometimes 2 layers of clothes at night. We can't figure out why, haven't changed diapers, he's 19 mo, so it's n...


4 Year Old Excessively Wetting the Bed

K.P. asks from Springfield

Hi Ladies - I have an adorable four and a half year old boy who is still wetting himself every night (he is potty trained during the day). The doctor says its normal....