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Age Appropriate DVD for 15 Month Old

Can I get some suggestions on DVD's that are appropriate for a 15 month old to watch. We will taking a trip this weekend and I wanted to get some DVD's that he can watch. I love the Disney movies but don't think he is old enough to understand. We have a ton of Baby Einstein but I was wanting something different.

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Plane Activities for 18 Month Old

I am going to california next month and need a little help. I will be flying with my 4 year old and 18 month old. Can anyone suggest some good activities for my youngest? She doesn't color(eats the crayons!!) and I have a dvd player but I am afraid that will only keep her occupied for so long. Any advice would be great!!!


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How to Care for Very Active Toddler When Ill?

Due to a severe chronic illness, I struggle taking care of all my 3 year old daughter's daily needs. My husband works 12-14 hour days so during this time, it all falls on me. Many days I'm too weak to barely make it out of bed. We have child-proofed our house to the max so she stays safe throughout the day, but she has to watch channel 2 all day since I'm in bed most of the time. We can't afford day-care since I am unable to work and all grandparents are elderly and unable to help out. We already have to rely on others for housekeeping...



I need some support here! Does your child say words like, "I hate you!," ...