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Simmons Beautyrest or Sealy Posturepedic?

S.S. asks from Los Angeles

plus, boxspring or no?? thanks!!


Looking to Buy a New Mattress.

J.N. asks from Chicago

Our current mattress is 10 years old and needs to go! I have looked into the sleep number bed but a I am also considering the Simmons Beauty rest ( a traditional spri...


Hair Problems...HELP!!!

B.K. asks from St. Louis

I am a 31 year old SAHM (due to a lay off in January) that has been suffering with thinning hair ever since weaning my daughter 2 1/2 years ago. Around the same time...


What's the Best Type/brand of Mattress for a Toddler?

S.S. asks from Jacksonville

My 3 year old son currently sleeps in his crib with the front part off. The crib turns into a double bed (not a twin). We are looking at putting him into his "big boy...


Need Suggestions on Buying a New Bed

A.V. asks from Duluth

I am looking for suggestions on a new bed to buy. We would like a king size bed and I have no idea what to get. Is there one that you love and recommend or one that y...


Baby Matresses

C.W. asks from Oklahoma City

HELP!! There are so many different types of baby mattresses out there and I'm sure there are some that are better than others but I'm not sure which is which. I wan...


Good Mattress Suggestions Please?

S.L. asks from Boston

Hi, I am thinking to purchase a queen size mattress preferably on the firmer side. My budget is not too much to spare though. While browsing I have come across some...


At What Age Do You Move a Child from a Toddler Bed to a Twin Bed?

J.B. asks from New York

At what age do you move a child from a toddler bed to a twin bed?


Ideas to Help Me Sleep Better

J.M. asks from Boston

My oldest sleeps 11 hours and my baby about 10. I, however, have become such a light sleeper. Anytime my husband rolls over I wake, I have dreams that wake me and I c...


3Rd Grade Dd, Larger than the Rest

S.H. asks from Salt Lake City

Hi ladies, this one is breaking my heart and I am at my wits end with how to handle the situation. The last 3 years my dd has really shot up and out. She's only in 3r...