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Some Advice

C.C. asks from Miami

My son is 2 years old and started nursery on Monday. He is quite upset when I leave but otherwise he seems to be coping ok. I am the one who is a bit stress. I have a...


Indoor Activities for 18 Mo. Old and 3 Yr. Old

J.G. asks from Philadelphia

Can anyone reccommend fun indoor activities that an 18 month old and a 3 year old can do together?


Finger Nail Cutting.

K.M. asks from Lafayette

Does anyone have a better way to cut finger nails? My 16 month old has a fit when I cut her nails.


Creative Gift Idea for 5 Year Old.

B.K. asks from Rapid City

I am looking for creative gift ideas for my 5 year old niece. She has about everything you could imagine that you can just go buy in the stores, so I am looking for c...


Birthday Party Ideas for 3 Year Old?

K.C. asks from Minneapolis

Any suggestions on what to do to entertain the kids at a small birthday party for my three year old daughter? I'm willing to consider hiring someone to come in (if n...


Ideas for a 6 Yr Old Girl Slumber Party

V.H. asks from Phoenix

With Daddy and the boys off camping this weekend, we thought it would be a good time for the sleepover my daughter's been dying to have. It's this Friday so I'm a li...


Need Ideas to Keep My 2 Year Old from Being Bored

S.M. asks from Dallas

My daughter is getting bored out of her mind sitting at home with me. I stay home with my 2 year old daughter and I need ideas of things to do with her to keep her fr...


Crafts + 4 Year Old

S.L. asks from Columbia

What kind of crafts do you do with your four year old? Other than coloring or drawing. I need some great ideas that are done around the house and are inexpensive :) T...


Christmas Gift Ideas

A.W. asks from Lincoln

I need a little help for a christmas gift I a have neice that is 7 years old and very mature for her age but here is the kicker..... She dosen't like pretty stuff or ...


Scared of Getting Haircut

L.W. asks from Minneapolis

My son is almost 2, and VERY scared of having his haircut. The last haircut we got him was when he was 18 months, we went to Kids Hair and he cried and screamed the ...